Alex Kruz

Alex Kruz is an American actor known for roles in television, theater and film. He was born in New Jersey, his father is a Native American Indian of the Kañari (Quichua) Nation, and Alex is a recognized warrior of the Mescalero Apache Shadow Wolf Clan. Alex is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, playing multiple ethnicities seamlessly across media in several languages having worked in film/tv in France, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Israel, Germany, and Japan. He is best known for his role in the film “Red Cloud: Deliverance” as Jake Red Cloud and “Tom in America”. He has received Best Actor awards from the Mexico International Film Festival, Bare Bones International Film Festival, DC Independent Film Festival, Amiens International Film Festival, and nominated for best performance by the Maverick Movie Awards. Outside of his acting credits, Alex has worked on behalf of several charities and causes which benefit children and aid those affected by human trafficking. In addition to the charities he helps run, he has produced documentary features and shorts which help make the world aware of issues touching children without voices against war, female circumcision, and other issues from which the West is usually removed from such as “Godka Cirka” (Sundance Premiere), “Madina’s Dream” (SXSW Premiere), and “Fight Church” acquired by LionsGate Films and available on Netflix.

  • Edad:
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 1978-11-30
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA