Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater

Richard Stuart Linklater (Houston, Texas; 30 de julio de 1960) es un director de cine y guionista estadounidense, conocido principalmente por las películas Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Escuela de Rock, Boyhood (por la cual ganó dos globos de oro) y la serie Antes (Antes del amanecer, Antes del atardecer y Antes del anochecer).
Fue uno de los primeros y más exitosos directores en emerger durante la década de los 90 en el firmamento del cine independiente. En 1994 tuvo una hija, Lorelei Linklater, la cual interpretó algunas líneas en su película Despertando a la vida y tuvo un papel más relevante en la oscarizada Boyhood.

  • Edad:
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 1960-07-30
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Houston, Texas, USA


Self-taught writer-director Richard Linklater was among the first and most successful talents to emerge during the American independent film renaissance of the 1990s. Typically setting each of his movies during one 24-hour period, Linklater's work explored what he dubbed "the youth rebellion continuum," focusing in fine detail on generational rites and mores with rare compassion and understanding while definitively capturing the 20-something culture of his era through a series of nuanced, illuminating ensemble pieces which introduced any number of talented young actors into the Hollywood firmament.','From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kim Krizan is an American writer best known for her work on Before Sunrise (1995) and Before Sunset (2004), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award (for Best Adapted Screenplay) and a Writers Guild Award. Krizan was featured in Richard Linklater's Slacker (1991) and Waking Life (2001). She is also known for her part in Dazed and Confused (1993) in which she plays a high school teacher who informs her students that the 1976 Bicentennial celebrates "a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic white males who didn't want to pay their taxes." In 2007, Krizan was selected as spokesperson for the screenwriting software Final Draft. Starting in 2008, Krizan branched out into writing comic books and graphic novels. She wrote the "2061" comic series that was published in Zombie Tales #1, 9, and 11 by BOOM! Studios, with all three installments collected into a stand-alone graphic novel entitled Zombie Tales 2061 in mid-2009. This led to an appearance at the 2009 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, where she along with Chip Mosher, Michael Alan Nelson, Gary Philips and Mark Waid participated in "Big! Bold! BOOM!: BOOM! Studios Talks Comics," discussion, which was moderated by Los Angeles Times writer Geoff Boucher. She contributed the story "Of and Concerning the Ancient, Mystical, and Holy Origins of That Most Down and Dirty 20th Century Rock n' Roll Club: CBGB" to issue #3 of the CBGB comic book miniseries that hit store shelves in September 2010. As of the Fall of 2010, a collection of the four issue miniseries is available as a stand-alone graphic novel. TVO Saturday Night At The Movies selected Kim Krizan for a promotional spot that is currently airing now in celebration of the show's 40th anniversary. Krizan currently resides in Los Angeles where she continues to write while also teaching writing courses in and around Los Angeles, most notably at UCLA. Description above from the Wikipedia article Kim Krizan, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.    ','From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Andrea Eckert (born 17 September 1958) is an Austrian stage and film actress, singer and documentary filmmaker. Born in Vienna, Eckert first studied literature in Paris, France, then decided on a stage career and trained with Dorothea Neff. Her roles have included the eponymous heroines in Hebbel's Judith, Schiller's Maria Stuart, Jelinek's Clara S., Sophocles's Elektra, Kleist's Penthesilea, and Maria Callas in Terrence McNally's Meisterklasse (Master Class). Eckert has frequently appeared on television (for example in guest roles on Kommissar Rex) and in the cinema. She also made documentaries about Lucia Westerguard, Turhan Bey, and Leopold and Josefine Hawelka. She lives in Vienna. Description above from the Wikipedia article Andrea Eckert, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.    ','From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hanno Pöschl (born 2 July 1949, Vienna, Austria) is an Austrian actor. Pöschl has enjoyed a long and prolific career working with directors Maximilian Schell, Peter Patzak, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Paulus Manker, Richard Linklater, and Götz Spielmann. He also starred in several TV-Productions, and has occasionally appeared in theatrical productions at Vienna's Burgtheater and elsewhere. For many years Pöschl was married to American dancer and choreographer Kim Duddy. He owns a café and a restaurant in Vienna. Description above from the Wikipedia article Hanno Pöschl, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.    ','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','