Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Andrew Warhola (Pittsburgh, 6 de agosto de 1928 – Nueva York, 22 de febrero de 1987), comúnmente conocido como Andy Warhol, fue un artista plástico y cineasta estadounidense que desempeñó un papel crucial en el nacimiento y desarrollo del pop art. Tras una exitosa carrera como ilustrador profesional, Warhol adquirió fama mundial por su trabajo en pintura, cine de vanguardia y literatura, notoriedad que vino respaldada por una hábil relación con los medios y por su rol como gurú de la modernidad. Warhol actuó como enlace entre artistas e intelectuales, pero también entre aristócratas, homosexuales, celebridades de Hollywood, drogadictos, modelos, bohemios y pintorescos personajes urbanos.
Uno de los aportes más populares de Warhol fue su declaración: «En el futuro todo el mundo será famoso durante 15 minutos». Esta frase de cierta manera vaticinó el actual poder de los medios de comunicación y el apogeo de la prensa amarilla y de los reality shows.
Fue personaje polémico durante su vida —algunos críticos calificaban sus obras como pretenciosas o bromas pesadas— y desde su muerte en 1987 es objeto de numerosas exposiciones retrospectivas, análisis, libros y documentales, además de ser recreado en obras de ficción como la película I Shot Andy Warhol (Mary Harron, 1996). Al margen de la fama y de la polémica, está considerado como uno de los artistas más influyentes del siglo XX debido a su revolucionaria obra.

  • Fecha de nacimiento: 1928-08-06
  • Falleció: 1987-02-22
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


The painter Andrew Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928. The child of a couple of Carpathian-rusyn emigrants, from Mikova, since his childhood has discovered his passion for painting when you colored, made of paper cut, drew and painted. In 1936, when Andy receives a projector's film as a gift, began to interpret his art, more finely because with this appliance it transmitted caricatures on the walls of your home. The following year he wakes up your interest for photography and from this moment until the age of 11, he attended free art classes every Saturday. Warhol has begun to study at Holmes Elementary and then at Schendey High School, where they take elective classes in art, and here comes with a title and graduated. Continuing his studies, in 1945, he is admitted to the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, where he obtained the title of Bachelor's degree in fine arts and pictorial design. The following year, due to its low performance begins a course of drawing, which wins the Martin B. Leisser Prize, and participates in an exhibition at the Gallery of fine arts of the University. Now independent, Warhol moved to New York City and began working as a commercial artist. S u first job was for the 'Glamour' magazine, and here, Andy illustrates the article "What is Success?". Continues to work until they become his first solo exhibition "Fifteen Drawings Based on the Writings of Truman Capote", which is conducted at the Hugo Gallery, in New York, in June 1952. Shortly after, Andy begins to expand its portfolio of clients when it receives the American Institute of Graphic Arts and The Art Directors Club, numerous awards for his work, among its clients were: Tiffany & Co., I. Miller shoes, Bonwit Teller, Columbia Records, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Fleming-Joffe and NBC, among others. Thereby concerning his personal life and intimate, approximately also for the d each of the 50's, his mother moved to New York City and is left with l until 1971. In the following years, it shows a more positive energy in his paintings, and in the 1960s began to paint images Pop, like paintings completo Campbell Soup Can, which has been a sensation in the world of art and have made it all a celebrity. Then, arriving the year 1964, Andy exhibits his first sculptures, which have been nothing more and nothing less than hundreds of r stems from large boxes of supermarket as product: glitter, Heinz Ketchup, del Monte, Mott completo Apple Juice and Kellogg completo de Corn Flakes, and little after begins to use the silk screen hand-cut to reproduce its drawings of dollar bills. With so much success in this beautiful little of his life, Warhol unable to establish his studio in an empty barracks of fire, known as the "Factory", painted silver, covered with foil aluminium. Finally, in 1986, Warhol painted what will be his last works, self-portraits and portraits of Lenin and Mao Tse Tung, and died February 22, 1987, at age 58, of a sudden heart attack. l has extended his intellectual talents to other fields and has done also Edition of books, writing, film, television and music, without doubt it has been any one of the most prolific and famous artists that the world has ever known.